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I'm so confident that you are going to get incredible value out of this program that I'm offering you a "full refund policy".
Just follow the program for at least 7 days (and complete a full food diary for me).

If you don’t lose weight and feel absolutely amazing, just let me know and I’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.


Are you sick and tired of not being at your ideal weight despite all your efforts?

Do you want to finally look lean and feel confident in a bikini?

As someone who has trained as a bikini model, let me tell you, it's NOT about starving yourself or exercising 3 hours a day. In fact it's the opposite. I've helped thousands of clients, just like you transform their bodies in as little as 10 weeks and I can help you do the same.

Want to create a LEAN and TONED BODY that you absolutely love?

Then this is for you…

The exact steps you need to take to change your body from where it is now to LEAN, TONED and SEXY. A proven process to help you move out of confusion around food and exercise into a space where you get the results you want.

The Lean Body Programme includes a comprehensive 150+ page guide that contains proven and effective tips to help your body burn more fat, eat cleaner and feel better than ever before.

You’re going to look and feel AMAZING!


  • 150+ pages of nutrition information
  • Over 70 delicious and easy recipes with images
  • Accelerate kick-start phase
  • 28-day sample meal plan with easy to follow fat-burning foods
  • A done for you step-by-step program to help you stop eating out of boredom
  • Proven techniques on how to beat bloating
  • The secret about how your digestion might be making you ‘fat’
  • Why supplements are important and how they can help you transform your body
  • Guides on how to swap bad foods to foods that help you burn fat and overcome plateaus
  • Action steps on how to end late-night snacking
  • Learn how to read food labels and ditch foods that cause weight gain
  • Learn the best foods to eat before and after your workouts

And much, much more...

My lean body nutrition plans work. And they don’t involve starving, eating boring food or spending countless hours in the gym.


Regular Option - $39.95 AUDVegetarian Option - $39.95 AUD

I wasn’t always lean; nor was I healthy. Before I transformed my own body, first I had to discover the real reason why I was bloated all the time and couldn't lose weight no matter what I did. I was frustrated to read weight loss guides that told me cut out carbs altogether. It wasn’t working for me.

"This is my story and my 8-week transformation! I was tired of feeling like I couldn't feel and look healthy and lean, so I dedicated myself to really learning what foods to eat to change my body for the better. I created this guide because the principles outlined actually work".
Nik Toth - the lean body coach


Regular Option - $39.95 AUDVegetarian Option - $39.95 AUD

Many so called weight loss guides tell you what to do, however they fail to tell you WHY you’re not reaching your goals - why can’t you stop eating the things you know are bad for you.

But empowering yourself with this knowledge can be key in achieving your weight loss goals faster AND keeping the weight off it off for good.

In the Lean Body Formula you’ll find out exactly why you are putting on weight in the first place. You’ll uncover how digestive issues can prevent you from losing weight.

You’ll also learn how to break through emotional attachments to food and what to do if you are the kind of person who does stay discipline during the week but falls off the wagon on the weekend.

My little known secrets will help you keep focused on your goals so you don’t fall off the wagon.


  • Anyone who want to enjoy the journey of becoming healthy while getting lean, instead of going from one diet to another
  • Anyone who struggles with emotional eating and wants to learn powerful techniques to overcome it, while creating their DREAM BODY
  • Anyone who feels like their looks don’t reflect their efforts
  • Anyone who wants to learn the strategies to become fitter and healthier WITHOUT exercising more, or spending hours on end in the kitchen
  • Anyone who suffers from sugar cravings, bloating, belly fat, digestive issues or low energy, and wants to end their struggles once and for all
  • Anyone who wants to learn everything that I do from getting ready for a bikini competition to staying lean all year round
  • If you're ready to revolutionalise the way you look and feel, then my Lean Body Formula Programme is for you!



I can whole-heartedly recommend Nikolett to assist those in need of nutrition of supplemental advice, as her constant research and education has her at the top of her field.
Luke Istomin, Celebrity Trainer Co-Founder of F45 Training and Founder of L.I.F.E Fitness



After only a week I felt less bloated and started to losing weight. Using the Accelerate plan, I was able to quickly stop the cycle of weight gain. I had tried other “cleanses” and calorie restricted diets but they didn’t work for me because I ended up pigging out at the end of the day. With the LBF I’ve learned to eat differently – cleaner and lighter but without starving myself. I actually feel fantastic.
Jane Copeland Founder of



My skin and eyes are brighter and I feel like a fresher version of myself. I've lost weight, my digestion is so much better. I was able to kick the coffee habit. The food options were more varied than expected, and the recipes were easy to follow and tasty. I would definitely recommend the program for those who struggle with bad habits around and haev issue with 25-30 kgs of hard to shift weight.
Patricia F. Founder of Warmly Nourished, Sydney AU


Regular Option - $39.95 AUDVegetarian Option - $39.95 AUD
* results may vary
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